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​Knowledge Center

Knowlege Management at ENTRO

The water resources planning unit is responsible for Knowledge management. This includes collecting and organizing knowledge produced from IDEN projects and the joint multipurpose projects program. The Various studies and interventions on different sectors such as irrigation, energy production, and watershed management have been undertaken on different scales. The results of such single sector studies have been fed into the decision making processes at various levels on an ongoing basis. The experience of producing single sector knowledge products however has helped the gradual emergence of basin-wide, multiple countries one river system perspective leading toward envisioning joint, multi-sector and large scale investment programs.

Hydrologic, social and environmental data, information and accumulated knowledge on the environmental, social, hydrologic dimensions of Eastern Nile sub basins from the three countries have been pooled together to result in a combined inventory that provides a high level overview of the system. This inventory is now maintained under a Documentation Center established for the purpose at ENTRO and is accessible to the member countries.

Knowledge Base Development and Documentation

The results of the studies (i.e. knowledge generated) had to be repackaged and assembled in a format that is accessible to the needs and capabilities of stakeholders. To this end, workshops at national and regional and international levels have been organized to engage international, regional and national technical experts. Also, civil society groups and their respective communication outlets have also been engaged for wider dissemination.Most key datasets/information/knowledge resources have been collected and maintained by ENTRO through various fast-track as well as Joint multipurpose project studies.

These resources include, inter alia, spatial and non-spatial datasets, study reports, terms of references, guidelines, rainfall and flood forecasting tools, etc collected by the different projects using software tools recently procured by ENTRO.